You can easily store documents within Property Tree in any Ownership, Property, Tenancy or Creditor profile plus Sale Property profile. Access your documents by expanding the Documents area within the profile, rename the document, give it a Type and add Notes. This will make searching for a particular document much easier!

Documents such as invoices, Inspections and Maintenance will be automatically saved to Document Management and also be searchable through the Ownership and Property profiles. Please Note: the maximum file size for a Profile Documents is 30mb.

Multiple file types can be added and viewed within Property Tree, including PDF documents. Currently you cannot add emails to Documents.

Once you expand the Documents area within any Owner, Property, Tenant or Creditor profile you will see information as shown below. 

NOTE: the default order is by date, in descending order. This means that your latest saved document will be at the top of the search grid

Click on the 3 dots to see the hidden columns and choose what you would like to make visible on the page

Each column has a filter, making it easy to search.

This example shows the Date filter. You can search via the date the document was added by using Equals a specific date, After a specific date or Before a specific date.

By clicking on the Filter icon in Name, Owner, Tenant and Notes you add in words to search by, either using Contains or Matches

This next example shows searching by document Type. All document types are already within Property Tree, you cannot add your own file Type, at this stage, however we recommend you make a suggestion if you feel there is a Type you would use frequently

Click on any of the headings to put all documents in that order. Our example below shows that we have put all documents in Notes order. You can also search Notes by using the filter!

 The four icons on the right of the screen allow you to view the document, edit the document details, download and delete the document.

Adding a document is easily done by dragging and dropping the document or uploading from your desktop

Once you have added your document the Document Details screen will show. Now you can add in relevant details to make searching the document easier.

Name - name the document as required (something that is logical for each of searching later). This is limited to 20 characters

Type - choose a type from the drop down box. These are the only types currently available. To check the document type select to add or edit a document and read through the drop down.

Notes - add any notes you wish into the notes box

Click Save to complete the process